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"It’s starting to warm up and if you’re looking for amazing swimwear that actually fits, then you really need to head over to @shopalexiss swimwear! #beautyisnotasize" -@yazminthefox
“So I ordered this suit almost 7 months ago and I absolutely love it!!! The color is amazing and sooooooo rich! And the gold ties add just enough detail to make this suit POP! Thank you and can't wait to see the new styles!” - @yorkmantnt
“I can’t wait to wear this again! Thank you for your swimwear that fits me and makes me feel sexxay.” - @puchis_uh
“I love the suit so much. Can't wait for my new one!” @lorilee_santos
“Absolutely love this line of bathing suits! Gives great support and coverage where it is needed❤️” - @raeheath19
“Since I had my son last year, I haven’t had a swim suit that I feel comfortable in. I couldn’t be more happy with the way I look and feel in this swimsuit. It shows all of my good curves, and hides my insecurities! Thank you!!!!” -@katiesargent22
“I feel fabulous in my new suit.” -@Brookiewaldron
“Your suits are amazing!!! I have Gs and this suit is so comfortable! Thank you for creating them!” @samdoll10
“Thank You! I am addicted and will only be purchasing your suits going forward! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping women who don't have the regular store shaped suit bodies! 😍😍😍” @trishanicolesjourney
"I want to say thank you for making a bathing suit for women who are bigger on top than the average woman in America! I felt absolutely beautiful in your suits on my honeymoon and had so much confidence. Thank you again!!" -Stephanie
"Love my new Alexiss bathing suit finally a suit that fits!!! Thank You" - @tsaenz69
"Just got my first Alexiss Swimwear bikini today!! I love it! The material is amazing & the print is super cute. I have a natural 32H breast. Another thing! I love that the strings are so thick. Really well made bikini, best I've ever had!!  Thank you so much!" -@vanessaarendt
"Totally in love with this!!" -@kels4681
"I am extremely satisfied with my recent purchase of two of your swim suit designs. It’s been tremendously difficult to find a bathing suit with a great design that would fit." -@lynnjohnsonstancil
"I love it. The colors are beautiful. The fabric is comfortable! I love the double straps for support! I can achieve the look I want and with confidence. Plus, customer service is great!" - @yahlunda
"This swimwear line is truly revolutionary for plus size women like myself. I have struggled for years to find tops that provided support without the use of underwire or that left my neck sore. The bottoms have an incredibly flattering cut and don't pinch your sides. I love that the bottoms have a moderate coverage with a scrunch butt so you can be a little cheeky without being too revealing. Thank you so much Ashley Alexis for finally creating a swimwear line I will wear all summer long!" - @danaleighw_

"I love my swimsuit. Thank you so much for these amazing swim suits. Can't wait to get the next one." -@pink1luv



"I'm a single mother, who, while going through my divorce, decided to get healthy and lose weight and get happy. I have lost 76 lbs and rewarded myself with ordering one of your suits and I love it so much! I feel so confident and sexy. My body is still curvy and not perfect. BUT I'm enjoying it. Thanks so much!!" – Lindsay


"I am loving my Poppy Lace bikini! Thank you so much for helping me feel comfortable in a swimsuit again!" –Hanna


"One of the best purchases I've ever made! I've always struggled with finding a suit to cover me fully and support me. I felt absolutely beautiful in this swim suit and always had people complimenting me and asking me where I bought it from!" - @avadd_xoxo


"Here are a few pictures of me in my new bikini. I love it and can't wait to order more. I have full coverage on top. Being an older woman of 42, I was worried the bottoms would make me self conscious. But it had the opposite effect, I feel more confident than I ever have. I feel covered and sexy and for the first time I wanna wear a bikini in public. I was over 300 lbs a few years ago and now I have lost over 100 lbs. Never thought I would wear a bikini or let it be shared on social media... So with that being said, feel free to share my story. Thank you for the amazing experience." - Victoria T


"Omg omg omg I am soo in love with my gorgeous pink sparkly bikini. So happy I got this one and it actually fits perfectly thank you soo much for all your help. I am very very happy with it definitely will be purchasing more in the future" –Kate


"This beautiful bikini is from @shopalexiss created by the wonderful @ashalexiss and it has one of the widest size ranges I've ever seen, so it's not just for my big boobed babies. Whatever you choose to wear, rock a bikini this summer. I know I will - @alissbonyt


"No one is perfect, but it's important to love the skin you're in.. especially when you're in an #AlexissSwimwear mermaid bikini." -@thecurvyfitgirl


"I absolutely love these they are the best bikinis I have ever owned!!" @shelby-luiz


"Cute and simple black bikini for all the curvy girls by @shopalexiss"- @hilove_ac13


"Hands down my absolute favorite swim suit! With having a very large chest it's almost impossible to find something that covers & is cute! I was super hesitant to order online because usually it still never fits, this one DID! & the bottoms are hands down amazing!!! They cover and hug exactly where they need to! I'm absolutely hooked on this line!" –Jessica



"Left is last year one month postpartum, and right is today I have lost a total of 44lbs and I am going to continue my weight loss journey just thought I would share my transformation with you because I'm wearing Alexiss Swimwear! I'm really proud of my goals and achievements!" - @lillyyyrayy



"Thank you so much for making a suit that easily and comfortably supports my 38G chest and bottoms that make me feel sexy even though I have a mummy tummy and c section scar!!! You're a lifesaver! I give Alexiss Swimwear an A+++!!!!" - @risley00



"Finding the perfect bathing suit has always been a struggle with a big chest and hips. This suit is everything! It's supportive, cute and great quality. Not to mention made in America! Ashley is on to something here! Cannot wait to order my next suit! I'm obsessed! Thank you for thinking of the curvy women out there!!! " – Shannon


"I received my swimsuit last week!!! I got the scrunch bottoms (not pictured) and I love the way they fit!!! The top is absolutely wonderful!!! I wasn't expecting such a perfect fit! I have never been able to find a top that 1.) stays on 2.) supports and 3.) looks good! I now have that!!! Thank you so much!!!" - @punkin37



"I've never been so excited to put on a bathing suit! I've always had trouble finding tops that hold my girls in and don't hurt my neck! Great quality and they are cute!! Can't wait to order my next suit!" –Shannon


"This top fits perfectly! Thank you" –Nickolle



"So happy with the way this swimsuit fit. For the first time ever I did not spend as day adjusting my top to make sure my boobs were covered.. I will be ordering another one soon!" – Lacie



"Love love love. My boobs stay in!!!! And they fit!!!! Not to mention how soft the materiel is! I will definitely be ordering more!" - @ginak07



"ALEXISS Swimwear!!! My favorite top EVER! Not only is it comfortable and supportive, it has a special meaning.. "Lillian's Kiss” @ShopAlexiss” -@charmedbylouisiana  



"I am a 34DDD-F and it is always so hard for me to find bathing suits that dont make my boobs fall out! I feel so comfortable and confident in this top! Thank you!" - @gracedaprile


"Where do I begin about this suit? My first thought after putting it on was, I could not believe how comfortable it actually is! Theres no strain on my neck, which I am usually expecting. It covers me completely, while providing support, and it is sexy all at the same time! I really am impressed! May I add, I love that your line is made in America. Thank you so much for creating swimsuits that actually fit! Needless to say I have found my new go to swim line, and I cannot wait to order my next one from you!" -@deannax007


"I love your suits! This is my second one and can't decide on which one I love better !!! Keep them coming plz!" - @dtrieger



"I love love LOVE my new bikini! I've never had a top fit so perfectly, it's basically a miracle. I'm used to trying to wrangle an underwire with little success (usually with my girls popping out underneath!), and this gives more support without one! I can't wait to buy another set, this summer will be epic! Thank you Ashley Alexiss!!" -@indyveganchick


"I LOVE the mermaid and the Lilian's kiss swimwear. I love how comfortable they are and how wonderful and confident I feel in them!! You have definitely made me a forever costumer. These suits are made for any body type and that's what I love most because beauty is not a size and every woman should love their theirs! And these suits just make that all the more easy. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to women all around the world❤" – Hannah



"I just got my new blue top in the mail! I love it! I love the amount of support it gives and that I don't have to worry about spilling over. Thank you for making swimsuits that actually fit a woman's body!!" -@sydneykmeyer


"The day has finally arrived! Big moment for me... feels a bit awkward but considering how far I've come, this is a very proud moment for me." @singinalot


"I absolutely love this bathing suit! It makes me feel extremely confident and completely supported! I've always had a very difficult time finding a bathing suit top that made me feel comfortable especially since giving birth and becoming a Mother. Not to mention the back side is super flattering. Thank you for this Ashley! You are amazing!" - @alwaysforeverly


 "I LOVE this swimsuit. Thank you for finally creating a comfortable, custom fit, supporting bikini top!" - @jewels408


"At 35 with 2 kids and the body to prove it, I would have never imagined I could feel so incredibly confident and sexy in a bikini...until I received this a few days ago. The fit is revolutionary and the support for my size F chest is almost magical. I don't ever wanna take it off. Thank you for creating a line that allows women to feel so empowered. I've attached a completely unphotoshopped picture to show women that they can have stretch marks and still look and feel beautiful." -@tiffanysharp_mua


"Seriously, waiting for this in the mail was like Christmas morning when it arrived! Couldn't be happier. Also, the customer service is fantastic! No headaches, no hassles. Thank you!" - C.


“I love it! I have three suits so far, and I will get more in the future!” - @miajxox


"Finally a swimsuit top that fits! I love love love this swimsuit and will be back for many more! Thank you @ashalexiss for helping us plus size girls rock a bikini xoxo" - @tattedupbunny


"Loving my new bikini top from #AlexissSwimwear. Finally a swimsuit that has enough coverage for a bigger bust! THANK YOU @ashalexiss for making this possible!!! Love mine & going to be ordering more soon! " - @athenaswarrior


"I love my new suit!!! I have never been able to wear a triangle top & I am so happy I can wear this one!!! I've never had a suit that made me feel good in my own skin!!!" - @CFRANKLIN75


"I couldn't be happier with my purchase! second bathing suit from you and these are the only ones i want to wear from now on!! while finding a bathing suit for my chest can be difficult, i know i can always find the perfect fit with these bathing suits!!💕 thank you again and i will definitely be back for more! " - @brookecampi


"I just wanted to say how awesome your swim suit really is. I have struggled all my life trying to find a top that has coverage and support. I finally found one and I love it. Back in 2010, I had a breast reduction, I went from a size H to a size C. Since I have had the surgery I'm already back to a DD/E. Thank you for thinking of us girls who are born to be fabulous with big boobs. ❤" - Candace H  


"Just got my swim suit! I was extremely hesitant to order it because I haven't felt comfortable in a bikini in years. But I am extremely happy with how it looks and fits! Cannot wait to buy another one! Thanks Ash!"- @___alyt


"My boyfriend just surprised me with this bathing suit and it is the most comfortable bathing I have ever owned. I'm so in love with this pattern and it fits perfect everywhere! Can't wait to get another one from you!" -@nikkiwhalen23 


"Love my new bikini! It is great quality and super supportive! Because I have such huge boobies, my neck often hurts from my swimsuits pulling. This one seems to be great! Thank you so much for making such a great swimsuit! I'm still struggling with the confidence to wear it, but so looking forward to putting it on and feeling awesome about myself!" -@curvynursek


"Soooo in love with my bathing suit !! I have full coverage !! Never have I ever had my ladies covered so good in a bikini top!! Love it!!" -@krystalarthurton


"After having 3 babies in my early 20s then my 4th in my early 30s... getting in a bikini was last on my list of fun things to do! I'd find cute bottoms... but could never find a top in my size the supported me or matched.... or vise versa... cute top... no matching bottoms. Needless to say I had given up on ever finding a cute bikini and opted for your typical mom tankini. Until my husband sent me a link to your web site one afternoon. After a little grumbling from me... due to my past experiences... I found my size and placed my order. WOW! Is all I can say!! A cute top that keeps the girls in... and looking HOT... and cute matching bottoms!! Thanks for giving this mama an amazing non - Mommy looking bikini!! Can't wait to order my next one!!!" –Nicole


"Me wearing my swim suit on my honeymoon in the Dominican this past week! I loved how sexy it made me feel! I felt very supported up top, and my booty has never looked better in bottoms, they are my favorite part! I absolutely love you and everything you stand for. I love my curves and you are a major part of me feeling confident about them!" - @kd.gerlach


"THANK YOU! I have NEVER found a top that gives me the coverage I want/need. Not only do I feel sexy in this top but I feel classy and not "too much". I wear a 38DD so I ordered size F! You are amazing and an inspiration! Thank you again." -Rayna S


"I have to say that I love one style more than the next!  The fit on your suits are absolutely perfect. They fit like a dream. Thank you so much, I can't wait to order another one" -@travel_beauty_wanderlust



"I received my swimsuit today and I love it!!! The top is so supportive and I feel so secure wearing it! Also, the butt on these scrunchie bottoms is ADORABLE! They make my little butt look so cute (and a little bigger)Thank you for helping me feel confident and sexy!!" –Alexis


"I am a regular bra size 44DDD and these F tops fit me great! Love the extra support! Thank you" - @heidijacdias


"Beauty is any size.. I'm loving my new bikini!" @sueann_sunshine


“I am loving every second of this suit!! Thank you, Xoxo, @misssposey


"I love the support and coverage from this suit. So comfortable and doesn't hurt your neck. Thanks Ashley!" - Kari